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Change of company ownership

When it’s time to start the process of changing ownership in your company you should allocate enough time for it and prepare carefully for the change. The process of changing ownership can be described for instance with the following stages:

1. Preparation

Consider at least these things:

  • Are you and your company ready for a change of company ownership?
  • What to do after entrepreneurship?
  • Are your finances secure even after selling the company?
  • Is your company interesting in the eyes of the buyer? Would you buy this company?
  • Is your company in a condition to be sold?

Understand that the buyer is buying themselves a future

2. Decision-making

We give you help and concrete practical advice. During the counselling we can discuss a variety of things, such as:

  • How to move forward?
  • How to look for a buyer?
  • What is the schedule?
  • Does your company need to be put into a condition to be sold?
  • Customers, products, personnel, premises, revenue, balance sheet, etc. = the whole package needs to be in order

We offer practical tips for execution, for instance

  • Reviewing the situation and outlining how to proceed
  • Guides: put your company into a condition to be sold, buyer’s guide, etc.
  • Yrityspörssi.fi (company market)
  • Professional networks

3. Execution

Our free company ownership change guidance complements the private service providers. We utilize our extensive collaboration network so that the change of your company’s ownership will be successful.

A professional to help you with:

  • Hands-on sales work
  • Evaluation of the company’s value and taxation perspectives
  • After entrepreneurship – options
  • Writing documents

We help you with figuring out ways of executing things and searching for experts in different fields: Our own networks, private company acquisitions, yrityspörssi.fi, advertising in newspapers, te-palvelut.fi (TE services), lawyers, auditors, other experts etc.

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